Hello and welcome! I am Vicky Haylott, a singer/songwriter, sound engineer and music tutor, living in Midlothian Scotland. You will find information relating to my music and some of my other interests on this site. I hope you find your time on haylott.com enjoyable and I welcome any feedback be it good or bad.

at last I'm back

After 4 years away, I am now getting back on the musical express. It has been a very rewarding time raising my wonderful little boy Aiden, but now that he is at school, I can finally return to my music. I will be uploading some covers, together with some more of my own stuff and hope to find a new band very soon. Audability have been doing very well as a four piece and have made a new album. I will keep you posted when it is released. Please let me know if there are any songs you would like me to record for you, or if any of my friends would like asong written for a special event or loved one, then I will do my best. It will be good for me to do some small projects before I start full time again. Bye for now, Vicky

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