at last I'm back

After 4 years away, I am now getting back on the musical express. It has been a very rewarding time raising my wonderful little boy Aiden, but now that he is at school, I can finally return to my music. I will be uploading some covers, together with some more of my own stuff and hope to find a new band very soon. Audability have been doing very well as a four piece and have made a new album. I will keep you posted when it is released. Please let me know if there are any songs you would like me to record for you, or if any of my friends would like asong written for a special event or loved one, then I will do my best. It will be good for me to do some small projects before I start full time again. Bye for now, Vicky

A proud mum!

On August 20th 2005 at 5.23 PM, Vicky gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Aiden Derek Murray weighed 7lb3oz and had the most gorgeous downy golden hair! Needless to say Audability's album is now waiting in the wings, as being a new mum is taking up all of Vicky and dad Robbie's time at the moment. However, playright John Harvey hopes to begin work on a production with the group starting in March 06.

"Being a mum is what I have always wanted above everything else. The birth was the most amazing experience of my life and I know that Robbie feels the same. The Simpson's unit in Edinburgh were fantastic! They let Robbie stay with Aiden and I for the whole five days and so we started to bond as a real family unit right away. Aiden is the most precious tiny little bundle and I still can't believe he is here. All the cliches that people say about their babies are all true. He is the best baby in the world and I am totally addicted to all his little sighs, gurgles, coos, and cries. As for my music, I sing to Aiden day and night and he stops crying whenever he hears my voice. I can't think of anyone I'd rather give my music and my life to, or anywhere else I'd rather be. There is no better experience than giving birth. It will certainly put a new slant on my outlook in life and the way I create music. I will return to my teaching, Audability and my song writing, but not for quite a while, as I want to witness every one of those early milestones and along with Robbie show Aiden everything in his new world."