Vicky Haylott was born in April of 1981 in the historical city of Edinburgh. She grew up in the suburban countryside which surrounds the capital. Her family have always been very close and her parents (Derek and Elaine) always encouraged Vicky’s musical interests wholeheartedly.
She was a happy child who was quick to accept a challenge. Being very academic she was never afraid of asking questions and taking risks. From the age of five she was overdubbing simple vocals and percussive parts on two tape recorders and when she received a Yamaha keyboard for her seventh birthday she was delighted. Composing her first song at the age of eight, she began to perform in front of her school and entered competitions from the age of eleven.

Vicky loves sports and she currently holds nineteen golds for athletics and swimming. Having a keen appreciation for books and poetry she collected one of the three medallions ever made to celebrate the bicentenary of Robert Burns, for the recitation of his poetry in 1996.

When she was a teenager she starred in her school performances as “Narrator in Joseph,” “Nancy in Oliver” and “Lori in Oklahoma.” Composing and performing in two musicals for Light Opera by the time she was fifteen, it became clear to everyone that music was going to be her life. She could stop the room with her voice and her articulate and well thought out lyrics impressed family, friends and strangers alike.
After composing and performing in a concert which marked the opening for the Scottish Parliament in July of 1999 she said, “This moment is one of the proudest I have ever had. It is such a privilege to be here and to do this honour for my country brings me such joy and happiness. I hope that this is a prosperous time for the Scottish people.”

At home she has her own small studio, where she has recorded demo CDS for various artists and of course many of her own tracks.
“Music brings people together and gives them a wonderful sense of joy and freedom. It can take a person through every conceivable emotion. From the celebration of love to the desperation of grief, music is with us everywhere.
I want to bring people happiness and if this can be done through my songs, then I myself will become more relaxed and at peace with the world around me.”

In 2001 and 2002, Vicky studied Performing Arts and Music Technology at the Royal National College in Hereford where she reached the finals in the Edexcel Vocational Student of the year awards for 2002.
“I just couldn’t believe it! Only six of the students who entered could reach the final and I was so thrilled to be chosen!”
“All I have ever wanted to do is write and perform my music. It is such a wonderful feeling to be able to sing and work with good musicians. I can’t put it into words. I love engineering others as well as myself and I have been told I have a good radio voice, so I would gladly take on the challenge of live speaking or presentation! I would be happy to work with any kind of company and try out new styles, but I just can’t wait to get out there! It’s my passion!!

Vicky is currently the lead singer with Audability. The band got together through the Drake music project. They use all original material and in 2003 they performed in the Venue Edinburgh and on Jackie Burd’s “Let’s do the show right here,” on Radio Scotland.
Since then they have had gigs in the Festival Theatre, The Lift Festival, the Mela Festival in September 2004 and most recently they performed at an open day for Drake Music Scotland

She is constantly working on new songs and striving to improve and gain more and more experience as a performer, composer and sound engineer.

Audability have a demo CD produced in the Edinburgh Arts and business centre and are working on an E P which was recorded in Castle sound Studios.

After leaving college with full distinction marks in all of her 8 course units, Vicky found a place as Audability's lead vocalist, occasional pianist and songwriter. She worked for a short while with Sounds of Progress on some small radio projects and also gave vocal and keyboard tuition at rNIB's Employment and Learning Centre in Edinburgh.

In May 2004, Vicky became engaged to her long term partner and best friend, Robert Murray and In August of the following year the couple became the proud parents of little Aiden Derek.
Aiden has definitely taken on his parent’s musical influences, as he already has a strong sense of rhythm and can even hum his favourite tunes. He loves Daddy's guitar, Mummy's piano and anything he can shake, tap or strum.
"He has such dextrous little fingers. It's fantastic to be with him and to help him discover his world.
Robbie programmes and builds computers, so put that together with our musical tendencies, a love for all things technological and my gadget and toy addiction and I'm sure he will have a full and interesting childhood. At least I firmly hope so! We hope he will turn out to be a fun loving and happy person. That's all we want for Aiden. A bit of personal success, a lot of love, but above all, self acceptance and inner happiness."